United Oil Supply Company Ltd

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United Oil Supply Company Ltd. started its operations in 2006 in Hamriyah Free Zone, Phase 1, Sharjah, U.A.E. United Oil Supply Company Ltd is a bulk storage installation to store and distribute various liquid petroleum products (primary base oil). Bulk petroleum products arrive in vessels and discharge into the vertical storage mild steel tanks with fixed cone roofs. Products are also received through road tankers that are discharged directly into the tanks. The tanks have fitted with level gauges and are also equipped with foam pourers. All the tanks are located within a dyke wall. 

Total of
tanks in operation

Total of
CBM capacity

Total of
14,197 m²


  • The products are pumped from ship to the terminal by ship pumps.
  • Number of pipe lines used in Inner Harbour – 2 lines, two mild steel 8 inch.
  • Number of pipe lines used in Main Harbour – 2 lines, one mild steel 12 inch and one Stainless steel 8 inch.

  • Ship to shore transfer
  • Shore to ship transfer
  • Road Tanker to shore transfer
  • Shore to Road Tanker transfer

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